September 19, 1944 Lester Taylor was killed in action in Best and he found is temporary grave site at Wolfswinkel in Son.(1944 tot 1948)
September 2004, sixty years later, his sister Betty,visited this place with Mien Lavrijssen to commemorate her brother, also

on behalf of her family. Mien Lavrijssen pointed out the spot were Lester's grave site had been.
Dora Vogels
Finally, after 60 years. A rose and an American flag on behalf of the Taylor family. A touching moment.... This is the spot that Dora took care for during 4 years.
In the Groesbeek museum is a wall of honor with the names of those who were killed in action. Among them Lester A. Taylor.
Now that you have seen the pages about Lester Taylor's family I hope his name on the wall of honor in the Groesbeek National Liberation Museum will be not just a name anymore. Behind his name, and all the other names on that wall, were human beings with a family, who came from far to give back our freedom. They paid with their lives.

Please remember them.

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pictures on this page courtesy Betty Taylor.

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